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Corporate Programs

It's no secret that many teams and lines of business within a large enterprise have challenges communicating with each other when it comes to promotional product purchases. In this time of economic challenge, companies are looking for superior creativity across all of their divisions to save time and money. Purchasers of promotional products come from all corners of the company and we want to bring them together, in collaboration, to maximize your corporate spend.
The creative application of promotional products is only the first component of how we help clients. We dig deeper in order to identify the full needs of our clients and determine how to proactively provide options and solutions to better serve their needs.

We provide a "best in class" Promotional and Branded Merchandise procurement model that focuses on a service strategy. Our proposed procurement program sets itself apart in the following core competencies:
• End-user experience
• Ordering platform
• On-time delivery
• Vendor Management
• Inventory Management
• Reporting